Artist Statement

My work is about the subject of place/space and it’s atmosphere. Ideas of architecture, space, shelter and habitat are explored through oil and mixed media works in abstract painting, extended painting and sculpture. The work is a physical expression, excavation and construction of the atmosphere and energy of an environment whether inside oneself or an external place. I am interested in the atmosphere and the perceptual relationship to a place/space.

Through mark making, brush strokes, cuts, layering and manipulation of materials there is a record of subtle complexity and evolution of my work.

My concern is to develop my personal abstract language fed by an inquisitive searching and seeking of more information into the mystery of life be it nature or the human condition.

I have for now set a parameter for myself to do a series of work with mostly white, grey and black and the reduction of colour. The simplicity of working in monochrome quiets the larger details allowing the nuances to step forward. White is used to evoke attention to structure and form and the use of the component of shadow.

Most of the white paintings have an under painting of colour which is gradually covered but not always completely eliminated. The sculpture is more completely white and or of industrial materials.